When my friend and fellow blogger Aisa Ipac of ipaxme.blogspot.com invited me to an exclusive My House Husband Bloggers Press Conference at Guillys in Timog featuring its cast I immediately asked if the adorable Eugene Domingo (Fan-boy mode you know) is going to be there. And when she confirmed I committed instantly without any second thoughts. Who wouldn't want to meet the irresistible and infectious Kimmy Dora in the flesh, right? Come rain or shine there's no way I'm missing this opportunity. And boy I'm totally glad I didn't flake out. I totally had a blast getting to know the cast and meeting fellow bloggers. 
Hosts Melai Entuna of styleandsoul.blogspot.com and TV 5's Shalala introduced the cast after everybody settled down. I enjoyed nibbling on the food that they served at the event. The Q&A portion was epic. The cast including Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo, Eugene Domingo, heartthrob Rocco Nacino and bombshell Ellen Adarna fearlessly answered intriguing questions thrown by fellow bloggers. As expected, Eugene in a provocative sequin ensemble did not disappoint everyone with her witty hirits (punchlines) and antics. No wonder she's one of the busiest and most bankable actresses nowadays with three movies under her belt just this MMFF season. Amazing! I wonder if she still manages to squeeze in some sleep with her crazy schedule. Eug as her friends fondly calls her is as equally entertaining and hilarious in person as her silver screen counterparts. She is so adorable in person. No doubt she's one character hard to ignore. By the end of the press con I literally had some unwanted gas in my stomach. Thanks to her nonstop jokes. Mr. & Mrs. Agoncillo were notably both funny and spontaneous in person. You can really tell that these lovebirds get along very well. Eugene kept praising the power couple for the good dynamics of their married life. They practically complete each other's sentences. How sweet, right? Also, Juday looks amazingly beautiful in her lacy number. Nice to know that the former teen star is aging gracefully. 

By the time the presscon was over I totally got sold. I'm absolutely watching My Househusband! I can't really wait to see OctoArts's official entry to the MMFF this season! I hope Eugene Domingo wins (crossing fingers)! She totally deserves it. 

Watch the trailer below:

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