Last Tuesday the uber fab Madam Ali celebrated her sweet 16 at the posh M Cafe in Greenbelt. As expected, food, booze, dessert and even men were overflowing throughout the entire evening. After the debutante blew her cake (refer to photo #17), the crowd went wild when Ali approached the vase for the BB raffle drawing. Yes you heard it right Madam gave away not one but FOUR BlackBerry phones-three BlackBerry Curves and one BlackBerry Bold. One by one she announced the winners. And finally, when she announced the name of the winner of the new BlackBerry BOLD I was shocked to death. I couldn't believe it was me. Lucky me, right! Coincidentally, I have been saving up for a new phone since my last phone broke before I left for my Euro trip last summer. So, it was indeed a blessing in disguise. Yes, all good boys do get rewarded somehow. 
If you're reading this Madam thank you very much for my new phone! I totally LOVE it! And it means a lot specially coming from a fabulous and kind-hearted person like you! Love you to pieces honey! You know I cannot resist hugging you whenever I see you! Ang gondo-gondo mo teh!
Of course, the craziness didn't end early. We hopped to another place and danced the night away! Luckily, I was too tipsy to take scandalous photos! Gosh I couldn't believe I ended up bouncing the scene almost 4AM. Good times fo sho!
So now that I have a smart phone I just need to get a darn data plan so I can finally start BBMing all you bitches out there!

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