Here's a preview of Barbara I Gongini's mainline & The Black Line collections which will debut next month in Copenhagen. 

Barbara I Gongini 
A Nordic avant-garde high-end collection brought to the extreme. The line takes its starting point in the Nordic preferences, where minimalism and complexity is uncovered in one and the same.
The basis for the collection is developed conceptually. It is based on a simple form that is bend in degree and explored as long as the source is open.
The collection is not seasonal in nature, but a design in continuous progress and constantly evolving.
Collection 16 characteristics
The theme is based on an imaginative tale of a dimensional form to a twist principle, developed to reach the opposite language of form. The intent is to describe the journey from one dimension to the third.
The collection uncovers fabrics from high technical silk characteristics, hand knits, organic cotton and cashmere to free range pigs leather, exquisite fur created by left over unwanted commercial fur rests.
Color Non-color / Black
Texture Carbon / Leather / Moisture / Oil / Chalk
Sustainability 50%

Is a Nordic avant-garde basic collection developed as a modification of the Barbara I Gongini collection DNA.
B-L has a minimalist design with subtle complex design elements and is aimed, with its timeless and androgynous look and functionality, to a broad audience, from the young to the everlasting age customer.
Collection 16 characteristics 
The theme includes a major minimalist approach in the imaginative tale of the square shape, in a multifaceted universe. The collection encompasses multifunctional shapes supporting the conventional recognized shape for vast variety in expression and functionalism. Part of the collection comprise styles with printed statements of political character and styles that has more then one end use, thus enabling the client to interact and change the form of the style with help of ties or zippers.
The collection covers fabrics such as ecological jerseys to poplin shirting qualities, hand knit and plastic qualities.
Color  Black / Blue
Texture  Carbon / Moisture / Chalk / Plastic / Wool
Sustainability 40%

Here are the rest of the photos after the jump!
Kudos to Barbara and her team!

Can't wait to see the rest of the collections! 

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