Vest - IH / Shorts - IH 
Shirt - V Avenue Shoe Repair / Sandals - V Avenue Shoe Repair

Can you just imagine a boy scout donning an all-black garb similar to what I'm wearing? If I were to redesign a modern outfit for boy scouts I would most likely create something similar to this. The versatile vest I'm wearing is perfect for the unpredictable weather here in P.I. Snap on the middle portion if it starts to get chilly. Then, snap it off when it gets warm. Very versatile, indeed. Then the gladiator sandals is a no-brainer! You can brave the flood without worrying your shoes getting jacked (since it's already jacked). Lets just hope you haven't had your pedi done yet. 
Obviously, I would go for water-repellant materials to ensure durability! 
Immaculate function and form juxtaposition!