Shirt - Cheap Monday / Waistcoat - The Alchemists @ Unisex / Bowtie - Anti Utopia @ Unisex
Watch - Rolex GMT / Trousers - Zara / Shoes - Grenson

Last Saturday I graced not one but two binyags (Tagalog for Christening). I intentionally wore my silver Anti Utopia bowtie which looks like a clerical collar in the spirit of the event. Growing up priests have always fascinated me. Perhaps it was their commanding presence during mass or maybe it's their immaculately white cassocks and colorful stoles that intrigued me. 
An altar boy in grade school and a membor of the choir in high school I was surprisingly active in church during my younger years. At one point in my life (during my senior year in high school) I even contemplated on becoming one.  And then the idea eventually faded into thin air as I got older. Nowadays, the mere thought of it gives me major goosebumps.
I suppose this outfit is the closest I can get to becoming a priest.


  1. Miss you JP! :)) Love your outfit!!

  2. thanks sweetie! glad you are reading my blog! i appreciate it alot! hope school is treating you well!


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