Blazer - Raf Simons / Shirt - Hope / Skinnys - April 77 / Heels - YSL Jonnys
Fanny Pack - Veronique Branquinho

Lately I have been dressing alot like this. I guess as you grow older (no age inquisition please) you tend to gravitate towards simpler and more practical looks which you can wear anytime anywhere. But of course an added twist never fails, right? Little details do matter. 

So nonchalantly flip the collars up, wrap a fanny pack instead of the usual leather belt and wear some schmexy boots that give you a feeling of power (opt for some man heels for a stronger arrive!)!  Of course you need smoldering eyes, pouty lips, hipster stance and an i-don't-give-a-fuck attitude to complete the look!

Happy New Year everyone!

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