Another spectacular collection from the King of Glunge (Glamour + Grunge)! Season after season Rick Owens never fails to surprise his minions. For his latest endeavor he presents a tailored collection of mostly black and off-white ensembles with a dash of powder blue. It's not as strong as his previous Fall Winter collections but I'm totally loving everything particularly the drapey dress shirts, the overcoats with oversized sleeves, the asymmetrical blazers, the skorts and the man dresses. I'm really glad that Rick Owens is cleaning up. And it looks like this is one of his more masculine collections even with the presence of Rick's signature man dresses which I absolutely adore. I just wish I have the balls to pull it off. I was surprised with the clean-cut models. It's more mature and undoubtedly wearable than his previous collections. I wouldn't mind buying the entire collection if I win the lottery!

Here are some of my favorite looks!

Photos courtesy of Homotography

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  1. I don't actually like this collection of Rick. They are exaggerated.

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