Toggle Vest - Number (N)ine / Shirt - Hope 
Shorts - Chai / Sandals - V Avenue Shoe Repair

Until now I still can't believe the fact that Number (N)ine is no longer in operation. It's one of the few labels that I greatly respect and admire. I am glad that I was able to obtain a few pieces from Number (N)ine mastermind Takahiro Miyashita before he decided to call it quits. This Spring Summer 2009 toggle vest I'm wearing is one of my treasured pieces from him. It's simple yet quirky. When I was in Berlin last summer I discovered this one boutique carrying some of Takahiro's deadstock pieces. Seriously, I thought I died and went straight to fashion heaven. I still get goosebumps by just thinking of how much GOOD STUFF this boutique has! Frankly, I'm quite shocked that these collectible pieces are still hanging on the racks! But it's all good. I guess more GOODIES for a Number (N)ine fanatic like me!
I just need to capitalize on my charm in order to get some GOOD DISCOUNT from the owner!

Photos courtesy of Vergil Chua