Photos courtesy Ann-Sofie Back

I rarely get excited with womenswear lately. But every now and then I get some unprecedented adrenaline rush whenever I see something fresh and rad on the runway like Scandinavian designer Ann-Sofie Back's Fall Winter 2012 collection which totally makes me want to cross-dress. Her ultra chic yet functional apparel is as perfect as it gets for the modern woman. Compared to Back's previous collections her latest is a combination of sportswear and streetwear. The proportions are once again generous and the cuts are utterly modern. Back meticulously pays close attention to itsy-bitsy details like the fabric cut-out, paneling, color-combination, layering and even zipper placement in order to make every garment immaculately Back! Although I have to admit there's no way you can actually wear most of these pieces except for a couple of the outerwear in Stockholm during wintertime unless you want to freeze your ass off!
I swear if I see that metallic blue clutch in Stockholm this summer I'm so gonna get it for my Mom! Her name is written all over it! I will have to show it to her first thing tomorrow!

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