Uniqlo socks / Initial trench / Martin Margiela FW10 blazer / Initial cape / 5cm skirt
IH gladiator sandals / IH tanks / Shiseido Men facial wash / Initial wide-leg trousers
Initial shirt with detachable vest / Lykelihood shirt shorts / Creepers

Here are most (didn't include the Izzue trench coat I got) of the stuff I hoarded during my recent vacay in HK with the fam! I'm glad I managed to control myself during our daily shopping escapade or else I would have been totally broke by now. All in all I am very pleased with everything I copped specially the awesome Margiela blazer I got at I.T, a very popular retailer of luxury goods in Hong Kong. It's definitely a conversation piece. The first time I laid my eyes on this jacket I just couldn't help but fantasize about rocking it one day. So when I saw it right before my eyes I had one of those limbo episodes. I barely slept that night. So the following day I headed to the store and bought it. It was on sale so it didn't break the bank (thank God). Now my biggest dilemma is where and when to wear it. I will have to do a separate post dedicated to this bad-ass blazer so you guys can see its amazing details. Mere words cannot describe the awesomeness of this collectible Margiela piece. Also, I got a couple of jackets from Hong Kong label Initial which I totally adore. I love it so much so I just had to wear it right away. Check out my Hong Kong outfit post so you can see how I rocked these sweet garments. And finally, I've jumped on the creepers craze. I absolutely adore my TUKs. I just need to break them out so it won't bruise my fragile skin. I swear I bruise easily. 
Can't wait for my next shopping marathon somewhere soon...


  1. whats ih jp?

    naks sa shiseido ah.. pak
    namis kita

  2. teh...ih...indu homme teh.

    hay naku shiseido girl talaga ako matagal na...



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