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If there's a pair of sneakers that I'm currently obsessing night after night then it has to be the new Rick Owens Spring Summer 2012 trainers! To achieve a post-modern apocalyptic look for these uber sweet pair of kicks Rick Owens retained its signature base and extended its shoe tongue. The all-black and all-white look definitely works. I like the simplicity and straight-forwardness of the design! From a distance these look like combat boots but up close you can really tell that these are some pretty rad sneakers.
These insane sneakers are beyond cool. I'm sure you would agree with me on that regard!
These shoes can be undeniably pricey but believe me it's worth every penny. I've had mine for almost 4 years now and it's still in great shape. At the end of the day, you also need to factor in the durability and the quality of whatever you are purchasing aside from the price!
Right now I just need to figure out where in the hell I can milk over 1,000USD for these babies!

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