On Mom:
Top - Unisex cardi and Weekday dress / Bottom - Mango leggings
Shoes - Ann Demeulemeester wedges / Bag - Alexander Wang Rocco

On Me:
Top - Unisex batwing shirt / Bottom - Jinumo gold shorts
Shoes - Givenchy cut-out oxfords / Bag - Alexander Wang Diego

Both Mom and I rocked our A Wangs last Sunday. Mom prefers hand-held bags so the Rocco is just perfect for her. This bag is also great for toning the arms since it literally weighs a ton with its big-ass rivets underneath the bag. So if you're too lazy to hit the gym then this bag is totally match made in heaven for you! As for me, I totally adore my Diego. Sometimes I get lazy toting bags for a long period of time so it's quite nice to just throw the comfy strap on the shoulder. The size is perfect too. It surprisingly fits everything I need including my massive Canon 50D.

 Mom also wore her new Ann Demeulemeester wedges which I totally love. I like the timelessness and simplicity of its design. It's definitely going to be one of her wardrobe staples. I revived my almost forgotten Givenchy cut-outs last Sunday. I couldn't believe I have neglected it for almost a year now. Thank God for spring cleaning!


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