Two weeks ago I attended the press conference for an upcoming feature length documentary entitled BASCO BALIKBAYAN PROJECT. Produced by Emmy Award-winning producer Michael Carandang and renowned actress Giselle Tongi, the film follows the journey of Fil-Am actor Dante Basco and his siblings, Darion, Derek, Dionisio and Ariana in search of their roots. For my non-Tagalog speaking readers "balikbayan" literally translates to "going back to your town". They represent the typical second generation Filipino Americans who sort of understand Tagalog but could hardly speak it. Frankly, before the presscon I had no idea who these guys are. Didn't really do much homework. However, I did a quick google search on them hours before the press con just to sort of have an idea of what these guys do for a living. It's funny that I have never heard of them considering they used to live in San Francisco's Bay Area. FYI I lived in sunny California for almost seven ancient years before moving back here months after I lost my job (Thank you Lehman Brothers!). Sadly, it's a given that most Asian actors still struggle to get decent parts. Finally, just recently, more and more Asian actors are getting the recognition they deserve. I can't wait for the day someone from the Philippines gets nominated for an Oscar. Wouldn't that be sweet? 

Anyway, I'm really excited with this brilliant proudly-Pinoy project. Who knows maybe this is the movie that we have all been waiting for. Lets just hope that this movie would really showcase our country on a positive note . Besides aren't we all sick of all the negative publicity our country has been getting. It's about time to show to the world that it is indeed more fun in the Philippines...specially with the Bascos around!
To know more about the Basco Balikbayan Project, visit www.bascofamily.com

I really think it's the year of the Filipino artist! Milliner Mich Dulce continues to make waves abroad. This year's strong American Idol contender Jessica Sanchez consistently gets rave reviews from AI judges! I wonder who's next in line...

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