Photos from Fashionising

Another solid collection from one of Copenhagen's most exciting menswear designers. I can totally see myself wearing most of the pieces. The styling is spot-on and the layering is flawless. The models were groomed to look like middle-aged men. After seeing this collection, now we can welcome retirement with arms wide open. No need to worry about turning into grumpy old men! This collection just proved that fashion knows no age. The mostly black collection surprisingly included a few ensembles with a refreshing pop of pewter blue. The fit was generally relaxed although the trousers looked pretty skin-tight. Danish designer Jean Phillip played with drapes and utilized a mix of different fabrics to create interesting numbers. Also, the unfinished hems popularized by Japanese designers added drama to the general look of the entire collection. It gave a more natural and organic feel.
Bravo Jean Phillip for another spectacular collection!