All photos courtesy of Jehee Sheen

I have been following Korean fashion for quite some time now. And I have to admit that some of the most innovative and prolific designers of our time happen to be Koreans. No wonder several Korean designers recently have been getting worldwide attention including the very talented Jehee Sheen. His latest obra is absolutely a clear testament to his international appeal. I wouldn't be surprised if he starts showing in Paris menswear soon. For his Fall/Winter collection, Sheen focused primarily on length and volume. He flawlessly reinterpreted several winter wear staples like the full-length trench coat, the quarter-length jacket and the parka jacket just to name a few. He also introduced some very interesting silhouettes like the man-dresses which I absolutely adore. Hopefully, I'd be able to get my hands on those...pronto!

By the way, here’s a poem by the designer entitled being, being, being to briefly describe his latest collection.

Facing towards endless horizon At the moment, I realize for a shadowy ego. Then I become smaller, and smaller. I let my grasped hands loose. Everything vanish in a puff of smoke. Eyes get deeper, Lips become heavier. Fall into the great silence. . . . At the endless moment, I feel I am being. Then I become clear, and clear.

I have three more months to go until my Seoul escapade. That means I only have a few months left to save up for my trip. Aside from collecting magnets from different cities I also make it to a point to buy something nice and special from a local designer whenever I travel. But since Seoul is home to several of my favorite designers I have this feeling that this time I'm going to break the bank. Lets just hope that my self-control works amidst all the shopping frenzy in Seoul.

Before I forget I am ecstatic to inform you guys that I will be interviewing Jehee Sheen in person very soon! Hopefully, I get a chance to get something sweet from his latest collection so I can rock it during Fashion Week! I'm crossing my fingers now...

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