Photos courtesy of V Ave Shoe Repair

I almost fainted when I saw this today on V Ave Shoe Repair's site. I never expected that this sweet leather shirt is actually going to be released. It's actually my favorite piece from VASR's Spring Summer 2012 show last year. Its buttery soft leather just screams sex. Yes, the price is kinda steep at 4495 SEK or roughly 700 USD a pop. But from what I heard all the leatherwork at VASR comes from a small artisinal leather manufacturer in Portugal. So, expect great quality when you get something from them. 

Anyway, when I get to Stockholm this August hopefully there's one left waiting for me at the sale rack! Wouldn't that be great, right? 40-50% of the retail isn't that bad right guys specially for a runway piece? I'm crossing my fingers now. Hopefully, luck works in my favor 'cause God knows how much I'm dying to have this in my wardrobe!

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  1. I tried it on yesterday, doesnt fit me well. Small was too big for me. Walang xs. But omg, super soft the leather.



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