Top - V Ave Shoe Repair double-layer tee / Bottom - Dior Homme MIJ 19" raw denims
Accessories - Ann Demeulemeester / Bag - Surface to Air tote / Shoes - Number (N)ine boots

Unfortunately, we weren't able to finish our Visita Iglesia on Maundy Thursday so we continued it on Good Friday. Having a pet (My brother got a very adorable two-month old Persian cat from his friend. Promise I'll post pics of Celine, the feline soon!) around means spending more time at home. Besides she's so lovable we can't stand being away from her soon. So, yesterday we managed to breeze through another seven churches. We ended up going to a total of fourteen churches including the seven ones we visited the prior day. Before our last stop we rewarded ourselves with a nice meal at Little Asia, an Asian Fusion restaurant here in Manila.

Still going for the rough around the edges look again. Resurrected my artisanal Number (N)ines and my favorite Diors.

Posted a few more photos to share with everyone...Enjoy!


  1. hey man if you ever want to sell this bag. email me! lsdmetal@gmail.com


I appreciate your feedback...