Photos courtesy of Juyoung Lee

One of Korea's hottest labels right now is Resurrection. Juyoung Lee is the brains behind this avant-garde menswear label with a strong androgynous touch. For Resurrection's latest collection, Juyoung Lee mixes different materials like wool, leather, fur and cotton to create unexpected silhouettes. The entire collection is mostly in black with pops of burgundy and moss green. The fit of the garments is generally relaxed. And the thing that I love most about this collection is that you can effortlessly mix and match the pieces.
I got in touch with Juyoung last February and expressed my desire to interview her. Hopefully, her schedule matches mine so we can make this happen! God knows how much I look up to Korean designers. I will be interviewing at least five designers while I'm in Seoul this June. I'm super excited! I can hardly contain myself! 
It will be a dream come true to meet Juyoung and try on her amazing pieces!

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