I can't believe I'm missing two of the most amazing sample sales this year. I'm sure everybody knows that I worship Damir Doma so it really breaks my heart to miss his AW11 sample sale. If you're in Paris next week, then, you definitely need to swing by his showroom. Make sure to arrive early on the starting day because I have a feeling the queue is going to be very long. Damir has a huge die-hard following so expect some aggressive shoppers! Bring tasers if you can to avoid getting knocked down! Also, if you want to play Good Samaritan to a poor guy like me who is stuck here in Manila then do not hesitate to share your loot with me. 
Not only Parisians are lucky next week. Three of my favorite cutting-edge Scandinavian designers are doing a sample sale too in Copenhagen. Fans of Aleksandr Manamis, Jean//Phillip and Swedish label Obscur will get the opportunity to score covetable sample runway pieces, previous collection items and other neat stuff at ridiculously low prices. So if you're in Copenhagen next week, then, you shouldn't miss this one! 
Happy shopping everyone! Hope you get out alive!

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  1. ARGHHHHHHHH wish I could go to the Damir Doma sale!! Oh well, I am going to Antwerp for their sales though! Bring on the Demeulemeester, Vandervorst and Raf Simons...


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