Finally, Unisex Rewind is up and running from Mondays til Saturdays from 1PM til 6PM (except on Saturday it opens at 11AM). Here are a couple of snapshots. Until now I still couldn't believe that I finally made it happen. Thanks to my ever supportive parents for helping me put it up. This project is dear to my heart since it is more or less an extension of my wardrobe and my Mom's. It showcases things that we love and adore. So if you like our style then I'm sure you will love Unisex Rewind. It carries a mix of new and old stuff personally handpicked by moi and my Mom! If you fancy anything unique and different then I'm absolutely positive you'd find something rad at my store. No more generic shirts or skirts everyone else is wearing!

Anyway, I hope Unisex Rewind inspires more people to step out of the box and dress fearlessly!

For more info visit Unisex Rewind's Fan Page on Facebook!


  1. yer phenomenal JP. i love what yer doing.... =p keep it up

  2. thanks karlita! hope to see u soon! xoxo

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