Last week fellow Lookbooker and cyber friend Bryan Gohey from Singapore visited Manila for the first time. Of course his trip wouldn't be complete without meeting the FFT fashion mafia. Met up with him briefly at Trinoma before he along with the FFT posse danced the night away at Cubao X. Too bad I had to take a rain check due to my early morning Schengen Visa interview (crossing my fingers!). Had a great time finally meeting Bryan in person and reuniting with the FFT crew. Now, there's another reason to get my ass reacquainted with Singa-BORE! Excuse my paparazzi photos. Couldn't help myself from taking photos of the very photogenic and stylish Bryan Gohey (in Rick Owens, Alexander Wang and Zana Bayne ensemble)! Talk about label-whoring! Hahaha! Totally love the reworked Zana Bayne harness and the entire androgynous look! You rock Bryan!

Manila misses you Bryan....Come back soon sweetie!


  1. Love the light swirls - are these "real" or did you add them in postproduction? Hope you get your Schengen, maybe see you in Paris...

  2. no retouches. just played with my canon 50d. can't wait to see u in paris! shopping shopping shopping!!!


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