Excuse my man crush post. Sorry I just had to post these scandalous photos! Hahahaha!
Everyone knows that I never go crazy about artistas (local showbiz personalities) but of course IT kapamilya (local network here in the Philippines) hottie Paulo Avelino is a different story. I mean who wouldn't go gaga over this male adonis, right? So when I saw him at Metro Magazine's 23rd Anniversary I just had to beg my friend to take a photo of us getting all chummy chummy. Embarrassingly my friend Herbert Custodio had to take this photo twice. Can you imagine kissing Paulo twice for about 10 seconds? It was pure bliss. I'm not surprised that this boy is getting the attention he deserves. Aside from his undeniable boyish good looks and excellent acting chops he's surprisingly sweet as pie!

Oh by the way, cheers to Michealle Torres and the entire Metro team for another amazing year! 

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