When it comes to my hair everyone knows I'm absolutely low-maintenance. I'm not one of those people who sit in front of the mirror and brush every strand of their hair for hours. Frankly, I don't have patience for that. Anyway, a couple of months ago I met Vivere's Ogie Rodriguez during the Metro Magazine shoot. Vivere did a superb job on my hair. It was absolutely impressive. Everyone adored it. After the shoot Ogie told me to contact them if I need help in the future. So last week I finally contacted Ogie and took his generous offer.  Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I had my hair dyed and treated. So, it was quite a treat getting my hair pampered. 
Since I didn't have the slightest idea on what to do with my hair I told Kenneth Gueverra, my hairstylist to go ahead and play with my hair. After trimming my hair, he dyed my hair using Wella Cellophane Color Touch 2.8 Blue Black. Then, he treated my scalp using Wella's Blance Treatment for Sensitive Scalp combined with Wella's Hair and Scalp Serum (great for hair strengthening). Now, I don't have to worry about dandruff. After the treatment you can really tell that my hair is much healthier now. It's also undeniably softer and more manageable. Hopefully, I'd be able to maintain its fabulousness!
Again, I would like to thank Ogie Rodriguez, Vivere's PR for supporting me and my blog. I really appreciate it. Also, thank you to Hairstylist Kenneth Guevarra and Jayson Arguelles, his assistant for graciously accommodating me. You guys rock. Now I know why everyone loves the Vivere Robinson's Gallerica Branch!

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