My dear friend and brilliant accessories designer Herbert Custodio presented his quirky menswear collection during Philippine Fashion Week last week. His fun and colorful collection was inspired by the growing influence of bloggers in the world of fashion. Herbert never fails to surprise me with his refreshing out-of-the-box ideas and unconventional aesthetics. No wonder both my Mom and I are huge fans of the acclaimed designer. Without a doubt, his cohesive collection stood out from the rest of the menswear collection thanks to his vibrant pixelated and dyslexia-inducing prints complete with attention-grabbing visors and messenger bags. Indeed, it was a complete package and more. 
Hopefully, next season more and more menswear designers like Herbert Custodio would present during Fashion Week. Lets start a revolution by pushing the boundaries of menswear fashion a bit further. Enough of those boring blazers and button-downs. Lets leave those to the  predictable RTW collections.

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