I had a difficulty finding Jehee's showroom at Garosugil, Seoul's hippest neighborhood at the moment.  I was at the brink of a possible nervous breakdown when a kind-hearted lady was nice enough to literally walk me to Jehee's building. And believe me all the searching was totally worth it. Jehee Sheen is absolutely one of the nicest and sweetest guys you will ever meet.  I almost collapsed when he generously gifted me several stuff. Frankly, just the lookbook alone would make my day. You wouldn't believe it but I'm one of the easiest persons to please. Doesn't take a lot to make me happy. Anyway, stay tuned for the big reveal of the stuff he gave me. I also got a chance to buy a few sample pieces including a couple of Fall Winter 2012 showpieces! I even got a nice pair of sandals from his current collection. I'm just beyond grateful for the opportunity to meet the people who inspire me and my blog!
Mere words cannot express my appreciation to you Jehee! Thanks again and see you in Paris soon! By the way, I totally love everything I got from you. I'm definitely taking a few pieces with me to Europe this summer.
Before I forget stay tuned for my very casual interview with Mr. Sheen. 

For more info on Jehee Sheen click HERE!

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