Last Monday I had the privilege to get a preview of Michael Cinco's first ever menswear collection at his suite at Shangri-la Makati. His collection was beyond amazing! It simply took my breath away. It was the perfect combination of drama and minimalism. Michael Cinco reinterprets the modern Arabian prince in an all-black collection that is both provocatively sexy and progressively chic. The silhouettes of the garments undoubtedly celebrate the male anatomy. I hope this collection would inspire more designers here in the Philippines to push the boundaries of menswear a bit further. I totally love the collection! I wouldn't mind wearing every single piece (if only I have a body like David!). 

Special thanks to Michael for letting me share my insights about the collection. It was indeed an honor to see the collection before everybody else!  I totally had a great time styling the hot models with you dear! Hopefully, one day I will have a fabulous Michael Cinco masterpiece in my closet!