Met up with my new fab friend Lanie (courtesy of my friend Monika) yesterday. She (sort of) toured me around me Myeongdong. She also took me to this yummy Korean place serving excellent Korean porridge! I need to be more courageous in the next days and try those crazy Korean delicacies. Did some shopping (and some boy spotting) here and there. Unfortunately I still haven't bought anything nice for myself yet. I'm getting a bit frustrated. I need to find something to wear in Paris for the shows! Hopefully, my stars align today. Crossing my fingers! Anyway, I did discover Aland, a great shopping hub showcasing Korean fashion designers, while roaming around. Then, went to McDs and tried the double Bulgogi burger for dinner. Nothing special really but it's always nice to try something different. Then, before I called it a night I trekked the streets of Hongik University.