Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting Mr. Songzio, one of my favorite menswear designers of all-time. Thank you Suzie, Songzio's International PR, for making this sweet meeting possible. I was so excited that I didn't get much sleep the prior night. It was a memorable moment for me. Mr. Songzio is absolutely one of the warmest and most pleasant fashion designers I have ever met. After the interview I have nothing but praises for this inspiring and brilliant designer. I really cannot wait to see his latest collection in Paris. Too bad everything is still in production yet that's why I wasn't able to see anything yet. But I did manage to see some sketches of the collection including Songzio's key piece. Everything looks fresh. Expect the unexpected. As one of today's leading contemporary menswear designers Songzio sets the trend and inspires his fellow designers to innovate. Do stay tuned for the video interview that I will be uploading when I get back to Manila. In the meantime, check out some photos I took of Mr. Songzio and his work place filled with life-size mood board paintings. Yes I got to examine Mr. Songzio's fantastic paintings that serve as inspiration for his collections. Normally, it gets printed on some of the fabrics of the  garments and on the invites as well. Can't wait to see how it gets translated to his upcoming collection. 
Also, I'd like to share that I will be wearing Songzio in Paris (courtesy of Mr. Songzio)! Thanks again Suzie! I'm super excited. So everyone stay tuned. I have no idea what look they will let me wear during the Songzio show. Whatever it is I'm sure it's going to be fabulous!
For more info on Songzio click HERE!

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