Japanese designer Isamu Katayama showcased several covetable beautiful leather articles during the presentation of his latest Backlash collection in Paris. Of course, I couldn't let this opportunity pass by without trying on his buttery-soft leather jackets after the show. His footwear and leather bags are equally stunning. If you love Japanese designs then I'm sure you will appreciate Katayama's work. I'm really really saving up for a nice leatherware from Backlash next year!

Ok...I'm booking the next flight to Tokyo so I can get first dibs on all these amazing goodies!!! 

FYI: The first bearded guy on this photo set is a musician, a model and Limi Feu's boyfriend. Yes I got to meet Limi's long-time boyfriend in Paris. He was one of the models at the Backlash presentation. The long-haired guy with beard is Backlash designer Isamu Katayama and the other guy is Kazuyuki Kumagai of Attachment, one of my all-time favorite designers from Japan!  

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  1. I love my Backlash bag they gave me a year ago, the leather never wears out and I use it almost every day! Had no idea that guy was Limi Feu's bf, I see him everywhere during fash week!


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