I was very fortunate to get invited to the Hugo Boss show (massive thanks to my friends at Visions and Expressions for hooking me up!). It was the biggest show during Berlin Fashion Week so it was a real treat to experience it in person. Hugo Boss is an international brand that needs no introduction. I grew up fancying Mark Vanderloo on Hugo Boss ads for crying out loud! I'm sure at some point you have received a Hugo Boss cologne or shirt in your life. The show turned out great. There were lots of metallics, ombre prints, pine greens and cobalt blues mixed with the usual monochromatic tones on the runway. Nicolas Ripoll and Clement Chabernaud, two of my favorite male models were present at the show. I also spotted a couple of Hollywood celebs sitting at the front row.
Excuse my not-so-crystal-clear photos. I didn't get the best spot but nevertheless I enjoyed every minute of the show!
Thanks again Hugo Boss for the experience!

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