When I was in Berlin I got a chance to visit the fabulous Bless Flagship Store. It took me half an hour to search for it since it's hidden and located off the shopping strip. But I'm totally glad that I didn't give up looking for it because it was totally worth visiting. Thank you for the lovely Mira Schr√∂der for accommodating me even with a short notice. Mira who manages the store actually lives there too. Isn't that cool? She gets to sleep on the cool hammock! Life is just unfair, right? 

Anyway, I'm a huge fan of Bless so it was a real treat to see the boutique in person. The concept store houses the label's current and archive collection. You can also find collectible pieces from various Bless collaborations with Joyce, Weekday, Longchamp and more. Most of the stuff are on sale except for a few archive pieces. I can spend the entire day browsing through the interesting pieces inside the store not to mention a vast collection of must-have fashion paraphernalia. I have never seen so many i-D magazines in my entire life. It's definitely a Bless fanatic paradise! 

Of course, I did not leave without getting something. I can't wait to rock it real soon!

For more info about Bless click HERE. Make sure to set an appointment before swinging by the store. 

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  1. stunning photos.. also your fashion styles are so great.. I love them..


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