The Barbara I Gongini show was definitely my favorite show during Copenhagen Fashion Week. God knows I'm Barbara's biggest fan from the Philippine Islands. It was quite a daunting task to select these from an archive of almost one gazillion photos. Couldn't help myself from raping my camera every time I see something visually stunning working the runway. No wonder it took me this long to post these photos. But I'm sure you guys will agree that it's worth the wait.
I have featured Barbara's work on my blog quite a number of times so I'm sure my avid readers have an idea of her dark and goth aesthetic. More often than not she works with natural materials such as organic cotton and wool, lamb leather, goatskin and fur using fair-trade production. It's nice to know that there are designers like Barbara who are addressing our growing global environmental concerns. Barbara as you can see has a penchant for draping fabrics and asymmetrical silhouettes. And she oftentimes work with monochromatic shades. Although for this season she experimented with some acid green. I remember in the past she has infused some crimson red and cobalt blue to her collections. So I suppose having a splash of color to your wardrobe every now and then isn't that bad after all. Moderation is the key! 
Some of the covetable pieces from this collection include the intricate origami-inspired dresses and the buttery-soft multi-zip leather outerwear! I'm dying to have these in my closet A.S.A.P.! Crossing fingers.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Barbara and her staff for giving me the best seat in the house. You guys rock! Can't wait to visit you soon!

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