Yesterday my Mom had a shoot with BJ Pascual for Levi's. He did two lay-outs for her. But before the shoot started I shamelessly asked BJ to take my outfit photo for the day. 
Excuse my uneven skin tone!!!
Top - Miharayasuhiro shirt / Bottom - Comme Des Garcons shorts
Shoes - Catalan traditional espadrille sandals

I finally wore my lovely off-white Miharayasuhiro silk shirt from his FW 2007 collection. I love how you can play with the strings attached to this innovative shirt and somehow alter its look. Only the Japanese can conceptualize something crazy like this. I paired it with my abused Comme Des Garcons shorts. And finished my look with my uber comfy Catalan sandals. I got this traditional Spanish footwear when I was on vacay in Barcelona this summer at this small artisanal Catalan footwear store near La Rambla.

Here's a sneak peek of what my Mom wore during the shoot!
Top - Levi's button-down + 10/10 Seiya waistcoat / Bottom - Levi's skinnys
Shoes - Zara creepers / Accessories - Anti Utopia acrylic bowtie
Top - Unisex tank + Levi's denim jacket / Bottom - Comme Des Garcons dropcrotch trousers
Shoes - Zara wedges

And of course BJ had to shoot us together wearing black Levi's

All photos by BJ Pascual

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