LEON LOUIS is an up-and-coming menswear line from Aarhaus, Denmark. I've been Facebook friends with Esben, the Sales Director and Co-Owner of one of my favorite brands from Scandinavia, for quite some time now. He invited me to their showroom in Paris during the Menswear shows but unfortunately I missed it due to my crazy schedule. So it was really nice bumping into him while I was strolling around the Gallery Trade Fair in Copenhagen. I was also lucky to meet designer LEON LOUIS who shared a cab with me to the Jean//Phillip show. 

On the last day of the Gallery, as promised, I visited them to handpick my favorite pieces from their latest collection. It was quite a difficult task because I totally adore several pieces. But after going through the entire collection, I finally chose my TOP FIVE!!!
Here are they…

Also, aside from the amazing menswear clothing and bags Leonlouis also offers jewelry, footwear and other accessories like gloves.  Yes, yes, yes! I have a feeling I will be broke next year thanks to Leonlouis and several other designers!
And of course I had to take a picture of the very photogenic and handsome Esben. 
Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Esben and Leon Louis that I will be posting very soon!
For more info about Leonlouis visit www.leonlouis.com!

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