Last night was a bit surreal for me. Never did I imagine that one day my photo will end up on any magazine let alone on the best-dressed list. I remember when I was still living in San Francisco my friends even my cousins used to make fun of me because of my eccentric ensembles. But I'm sure you know by now that I don't give a shit about that. I together with my Mom wear whatever we like. We never try to conform to anything let alone please anyone but ourselves. I remember when I moved back here in Manila in 2009 I barely know anyone and had no clue what to do. I'm just glad that blogging kept me sane and introduced me to new things. And now I couldn't be any happier because I totally enjoy what I'm doing. Blogging has taken me to different places in the world where I have met some of the most interesting characters and most inspiring personalities! And now I have a boutique that is keeping me busy.
 Top - Initial wrinkly jacket + Obscur asymmetrical leather vest + Cheap Monday tank
Bottom - Damir Doma diapers / Shoes - Krisvanassche gladiator sandals 
Accessories - Ann Demeulemeester leather pendant orb / Hair - Kenneth of Vivere Salon

Here's what my Mom wore

Top - Unisex priest dress / Bottom - Giordano Ladies skirt pants / Bag - Neil Barrett clutch
Shoes - Catalan traditional wedges from Barcelona / Accessories - Initial belt pouch

Anyway, thanks to everyone particularly my Mom and Dad who showed their support to me last night. I really appreciate it. Also, thank you Rey Ilagan, Edlene Cabral, Adrian Concepcion and to the entire Garage team for recognizing an outcast like me!
Here's what I wore...Excuse my oily face. It was unbearably warm last night! Hahahah!