A few weeks ago I visited my dear friend Pleshy at her lovely casa. She was gracious enough to show me and my Mom her massive collection of costumes, shoes and accessories. Pleshy has a penchant for anything crazy, indulgent and different! She boasts a collection of some of the most covetable shoes like the YSL Ponys and Dsquared Spine heels. Her go-to designers are Versace, Mcqueen and Balmain. Pleshy and I are like exact opposites but still we share a common interest which is fashion. Pleshy was the most gracious host and one of my favorite people ever. She's so hilarious and a true fag hag! I together with my Mom had so much fun rummaging through her stuff. It felt going back to high school and playing dress-up with my BFFs. It was so much fun! Couldn't wait to visit her soon and her crazy closet! 
Also, check-out her charming persian cat and uber cute pug! I wanted to take them home with me!

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