Cedric Jacquemyn is one of the most exciting menswear designers today and part of the new generation of emerging designers from Belgium. Last June, I randomly bumped into him in one of the showrooms in the Marais district while he was placing orders for some shoes. After expressing my deep admiration for his work we chatted briefly. Too bad I was a bit shy to take some paparazzi shots.
Anyway, I recently found out that the young Belgian designer collaborated with Weekday, one of my favorite high street brand from Sweden, for an exclusive line entitled "HRAUN". It will be available at Weekday stores this Fall. 

Here's what Cedric had to say about this exciting endeavor: 
"The Label HRAUN, is the product of a search of both Weekday and I, it is the consequence of the feeling of an absence. The label is fully made in belgium, with a strong focus on the use of natural fibers, comming from Italy and Japan. The Inspiration for the AW2012 collection is the same also for the main line CEDRIC JACQUEMYN, The collection is a continuation on the previous collections “THE WASTE LAND” and “THE LAST GLACIER”. Inspired by ever-changing landscapes, consequences of destruction, and the life it creates. This collection is the result of the beauty of returning life, the power of survival, a message of illumination. Inspired by clan structures and the decay of the feeling of unity."

All images courtesy of Weekday

Super excited with this collaboration! Hopefully I'll be able to score some pieces from this sweet collection! Perhaps the Mulakvisil Jersey Top (topmost photo on the right) and the Lambahraun Jacket (bottom photo on the left). What do you think?

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  1. Love that crossover top. White y-fronts though? Shame.


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