I intentionally waited for Seoul Fashion Week to end before publishing this blog post. I was very fortunate to visit Jehee Sheen at his atelier in Seoul several months ago. I have been following his work for quite some time now so it was a real treat meeting him in person and seeing his amazing work up-close and personal. I mean lookbook photos can sometimes be undeniably deceiving thanks to the magic of photoshop. But mind you Jehee Sheen pieces are unquestionably par excellence. No wonder he built a following not only in Asia but in other continents as well in a short span of time. Now, I'm a self-proclaimed Jehee Sheen PR Associate. Also, while I was in Seoul I couldn't help myself from picking up a couple of pieces from his Fall/Winter 2012-2013 collection and a pair of mandals from the previous season. Before we parted, he generously handed me a loot bag containing a tee, bracelet, leather Ipad case and a bunch of his lookbooks. Yes, I'm a nerd I collect lookbooks! 

Click HERE for BEHIND-THE-SCENE PHOTOS for my exclusive interview with Jehee Sheen. You can even find one of my photos posted on his inspiration board (*blushing*). 

Anyway, here's the short interview I did regarding his latest collection.

1. Tell us about your latest collection entitled "Let There Be Light".
The last collection was about transcendence from the problems that we have nowadays. The inspiration is healing from the old problems that we have. I'd like to find Jehee Sheen's certain attitude in life.  With our clothes I hope the men who wear Jehee Sheen would feel a certain emotion and relaxed feel.

2. Every season how do you come up with a new collection? Is there a process that you do like painting, researching or perhaps traveling in order to draw inspiration?
 Usually, I do painting or doing art installations. I really enjoy the mood or atmosphere between objects in certain space. And I'd like to put some meaning between objects and space. Also I like to play with colors, materials and surfaces. For example, last season I did painting with ash. I like to use natural and organic materials because it's pure. 
3. Are there any designers whom you look up to or designers who influenced your work?
Actually, I don't look up to other fashion designers. However, I do love to see the works of other artists such as painters, installation artists, sculptors and the like. I also like painters who use color such as Yves Klein. I usually get inspired from their works. Generally, I look at common people everywhere for inspiration. And my collection reflects the lives of human beings. Also, I like art but not all. There has to be a deeper meaning behind it in order for me to appreciate it. For me the most important thing is reinterpretation.

4. What makes you different from other Korean designers?
When I worked for Giorgio Armani in Milan for two years, I found out the difference between European and Asian designers. I'd like to design something a different point of view. European houses oftentimes concentrate on finding the perfect proportion or artificial beauty. But what I do is I design an attitude. But nowadays several menswear designers such as Damir Doma are exerting efforts to uplift the industry through their vision and philosophy. 
Here's moi modeling my two Jehee Sheen Fall/Winter 2012-2013 outfits
Lookbook photos courtesy of Jehee Sheen

Again, thank you Jehee Sheen for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down and chat with me. Your Korean hospitality is greatly appreciated. 
And thank you for continuously inspiring me with your amazing work. Can't wait for you to start showing in Paris someday!


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