As promised here's my exclusive interview with Odeur, one of my favorite Scandinavian labels! I had the opportunity to watch their latest collection in Copenhagen last August thanks to Marlo Saalmink who was so extremely kind to place me on the front row. It was indeed an experience I won't forget!

Founded in Stockholm as a brand experiment, Odeur is designed by Petter Hollström and Gorjan Lauseger. Available in 17 countries today, Odeur breaks sexual barriers by advocating a strong unisex vision of fashion to its legion of followers.
1. Briefly describe your Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

The Spring/Summer 2013 collection is named Plain. In our minds dressing yourself should be a reflection of who you are, but in an uncomplicated way. You should not have to think about what to put on in the morning, it is already part of you. For us design is about some sort of honesty, towards yourself and everyone around you. In the collection we use cool wool, cashmere, super light cotton and tech materials. The colour ranges from whites, greys, bordeauxs to blacks, with a mixture of shiny and matte surfaces.

2. What was the inspiration for this collection?
We were inspired by a sporty look, and wanted to bring that into the Odeur aesthetics. It is also about our urge to create garments that are both sincere and straightforward. The inspiration has been: what is it that we like and want to do. If you have no inspiration, this would be just a blank sheet. What comes out of that?

3. What are the must-have key pieces for this collection? Any personal favorites?
We like all the pieces in our collection of course. But we have noticed a great interest already in the jackets of the collection. Our faves would be the Scam Jacket and Content Bomber Jacket. Henceforth, I personally like the Short Sleeved Blazer, Shirt Tank and our cut-out pants, Uncover Sweat Pants.
4. How do you come up with a collection? Are there any particular preparations that you do? 
We always work together on a story of inspiration. It might be written pieces, visual stories or movies that is part of the inspiration. Then we build our own story where we try to explain to each other what we want to convey in our collection. When we have this story the pieces and design comes rather naturally. The preparation would be for us to always stay hungry for new impressions and ideas and not to be too certain of anything at any time.
5. Briefly describe the "Odeur" man or woman. 
A confident person who looks for a way to express themselves in many ways. May be through music, art or something else. They appreciate the details and are always looking forward.
6. What made you decide to create a unisex or "genderless" label?
We think that our garments suits both genders so we do not want to say that this is only for boys or only for girls. We think that the wearer makes the garment and not the other way around.

7. Which do you think is more difficult to make-menswear or womenswear?
You have more barriers to break when talking about menswear in general, which makes menswear interesting in a particular way. For us it would be a bigger challenge to make pure womenswear then pure menswear. However, we luckily don't have to choose.
8. Do you have any muse or muses?
Not really. Perhaps each other in a sense.

9. Since Odeur is a Swedish label how does Scandinavian design influence your collections? 

This is a tough questions. Of course, it may influence our design in some unconscious way way. We don't think too much about it as we know what kind of style that we like. When we meet buyers in Sweden, most of them say that Odeur has a more international look. And the other way around when we meet people abroad.....

All photos courtesy of Odeur

Again, thank you Marlo Saalmink, Odeur's PR, for making this interview possible. Congrats to my friend Gorjan Lauseger and Petter Hollström for another kick-ass collection! Can't wait to add a piece or two from this collection to my wardrobe!

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