Just enjoying Manila's newest season - AUTUMN! 
Yesterday, my friends visited me at my boutique. And I just had to harass my friend John to take these photos since I haven't blogged any outfit post forever. When it comes to background I'm usually not very picky. As long as the designated photographer catches the details of what I'm wearing then I'm perfectly satisfied. But yesterday we just couldn't let this lovely background with leaves on the ground effect go to waste. Absolutely very Euro-chic, non? So, we indulged ourselves. I shamelessly posed while passersby rubbernecked away.  
Top - Les Hommes shredded tank + Alternative Apparel maxi tank / Bottom - Zara drop crotch pants / Shoes - Rick Owens sneakers
Accesssories - Damir Doma fez hat + Dior Homme silver pendant + Firma Berlin fingerless leather gloves


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