Once in awhile I do wear color to break the monotony. Since it's my brother's birthday today for some reason unknown I felt like wearing some midnight blue. Coincidentally, my Mom wore a lovely midnight blue dress which you can see on her blog! This oversized pullover was among my massive Bruno Pieters x Weekday haul last summer during my Euro trip. The pattern of this shirt is quite interesting. The other sleeve is ginormous. It's like ten times bigger than the other one. You may not notice it from this photo because I buttoned it from the top sleeve. Isn't it very Margielaic and Kawakuboish? J'adore!
Top - Bruno Pieters x Weekday oversized pullover / Bottom - Comme Des Garcons drop crotch trousers
Shoes - Common Projects leather slipons / Accessories - Barbara I Gongini wooden pendant

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