Reykjavik-based menswear designer Sruli Recht has been getting praises for his innovative Circumsolar collection wherein he utilized unconventional materials such as translucent lambskin, stripy skunk fur, solar burned black gold, high-tech paraffin cooling knit, an ancient meteorite (seriously) and a type of fabric that can withstand mortar attacks (whatever that is). The collection was unveiled during the menswear shows in Paris this June. I cannot believe that I have missed this show. Undoubtedly, it would have probably rounded off my ten best shows/presentations for Spring Summer 2013 if I saw it. By carefully examining Recht's pieces you can easily infer that he is more like an architect than a designer. 
Most of the articles are constructed using a single pattern piece and the shoes are all hand-sewn. Everything from this collection is made in Iceland.
If you're looking for wearable art, then, Sruli Recht is the answer! Can't wait to get a piece or two for myself. So guys, lets start saving up now!
All photos courtesy of Sruli Recht

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