I couldn't help myself from not wearing my new Julius shirt and my to-die-for MA_Julius trousers today courtesy of one of my avid blog readers. Frankly, until now I am still in disbelief regarding my mystery blog reader's unexpected generosity. I guess Santa Claus does exist in various personas. You just have to peel your eyes and believe that human beings are inherently good unless corrupted. 
Anyway, thank you very much mystery blog reader (who prefers to be anonymous) for your kindness and for unconditionally supporting my endeavors. I'm glad that there are people like you who believe in my style aesthetic. No BS intended but honestly the fact that you read my blog already makes me happy. Giving me all these fab garments is just an added bonus.
FYI, Julius is a high-end Japanese avant-garde menswear label founded by Tatsuro Horikawa. MA_Julius is on the other hand a unisex line from Horikawa that narrows the line between males and females. The garments are mostly influenced by minimal art and modern architecture. 
I'm just psyched to finally own not one but three pieces from this superb Japanese label. Guys, stay tuned for my upcoming outfit posts featuring the stuff my wonderful mystery blog reader gave me.
Top - Julius SS2011 cupro shirt / Bottom - MA_Julius SS2011 trousers
Shoes - Rick Owens trainers / Accessories - Nico Uytterhaegen messenger bag

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