Santa came early this year! Yes I had been a good boy for the past year so I truly deserve a sweet present! Been wanting to replace my used and abused three and a half year old Samsonite luggage for the longest time. After traveling more than 30 countries and over 100 cities worldwide it's sort of on its last leg! Thanks to Primer and Mendoza now I have a brand new luggage ready for some sweet expedition somewhere! Now, I just need to get my passport renewed and I'm all set to conquer the world once again. Mmm...I wonder where I'm heading next. Need to contemplate on that during my downtime this holiday season.
Anyway, what do I love most about my new handsome luggage? Well, I totally love its sleek and modern design and of course the black and grey color combo looks pretty darn sweet. Also, the spinner wheels are awesome. All I can say is bon voyage back pains! It's light-weight and quite easy to maneuver. And since I'm always on-the-go whenever I'm traveling Mendoza luggage's highly organized compartments make my life easier when packing. No more missing flights and running like a madman hitching a ride somewhere. On top of these great features, all Mendoza luggages are TSA lock equipped too. So, you don't have to worry about the custom people breaking in your luggages! And as far as quality is concerned, rest assured Mendoza luggages are built to last. It's made from high-quality durable plastic that is both light and tough. Definitely looking forward to roll this sweet luggage soon!

For more info about Hong Kong-based Mendoza luggages make sure to check out Mendoza's FB Fanpage! Ohh...and yes Mendoza luggages are absolutely the perfect presents. Lets travel in style without breaking the bank. Unfortunately, we all can't jet-set carting Rimowa luggages in real life (#practical #cestlavie).

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