I thought I was too old for Santa until he came to my store a day after Christmas and dropped off two bags full of Yohjis, Commes, Julius, DHs and more. It was quite a surreal experience. Who would have thought that someone who turns out to be an avid reader of my humble blog would give me all these designer stuff without any strings. I'm sure you guys are wondering who is this mystery guy. But I promised to keep his anonymity so excuse me for not revealing the name of my thoughtful donor. Anyway, he did mention to me that it was a pleasure for him to give me his stuff because he knows how I appreciate clothes. All I have to say is aside from being thoughtful and generous this guy certainly has great taste based on the loot I got.
Here are a few of my favorites from Santa's loot bag! Some of the clothes are still in the laundry. Promise I will post photos once it gets washed and pressed.
Dior Homme 19cm MIJ waxed denim / Raf Simons x Fred Perry pique polo / Julius tee / MA_Julius zippered trousers / Julius twisted waxed denim / Ato light cotton hoodie jacket

Again thank you Mr. Mystery Reader for your fabulous presents! I totally love everything!


  1. OH MY! He gave you Ato. It's actually a pretty popular local brand here in Japan


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