I was so giddy to wear the stuff I got from my new friend yesterday. If you're reading this thank you very much! I totally love everything. Both the Yohji collarless jacket and Dries linen waistcoat fit me like a glove. And of course, lets not forget these amazing pair of Dior Homme waxed jeans circa Hedi Slimane era. Lately, I have been so obsessed mixing new and vintage pieces. I think some of the most inventive and exciting pieces come from the 80s and the 90s back when everyone was still fearlessly experimenting with different silhouettes and materials. Nowadays, we see mostly rehashes from the past. Of course, there are a few exceptions who I periodically feature here on my blog. For the past few years, I've been tracking down pieces from some of the most celebrated ateliers in the past through ebay and other resellers. I also make it to a point to check out the best consignment boutiques whenever I'm traveling abroad. So far, I've managed to score some pretty neat pieces. It sounds cliche but there's an inexplicable joy whenever you find something nice and beautiful specially if it's a collectible holy grail article. Only fashion nerds like me can somehow fathom this bullshit. The idea of giving life to old things brings chill down my spine. And of course, its rich history and the importance of recycling also matter! Yes, lets help save Mother Earth! My boutique thrives on this concept. I just wish more and more people here in Manila appreciate this concept.
Top - Y's Yohji Yamamoto Circular Jacket + Dries Van Noten waistcoat + Alternative Apparel long tank 
Bottom - Dior Homme 19cm MIJ waxed denim / Shoes - Rick Owens combat boots
Accessories - Barbara I Gongini wooden pendant


  1. Me, too! I love collecting pieces from contemporary designers like Yohji Yamamoto. Your jacket is cool!

  2. I'm actually eyeing a top from your store! Is your store open on the weekends?

    Finding clothing I like is so hard here in Manila... I've pretty much resigned myself to that fact haha. I wish there are more stores like yours here.

    1. hi mika! yes my store is open on saturday. on sundays closed kse family day and "ME" time. usually open from 1 til 630pm. call or text if you're swinging by para "mas" sure. =)


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