Lately, I have been so obsessed with button-downs. So, when I got my hands on these five lovely shirts from two of my favorite Japanese labels I just couldn't contain my excitement! And to make it even more special these shirts were presents from a very thoughtful blog reader. From a distance these button-downs look pretty simple and basic but upon closer inspection emphasis to little details is hard to ignore. Japanese designers are particularly known for their monochromatic minimalist designs with a twist. Their chic and timeless creations undoubtedly defy seasons and trends. No wonder you can easily incorporate their pieces  to your current wardrobe because it is not confined by time. Just make sure to edit accordingly. And that's what I love about Yohji and Comme. It is absolutely a good value for your money based on cost per wear. It surprisingly goes a long way. And in the future in case you're not be able to wear it you can generously hand it down to someone who can. And you bet it will still look smokingly hot.
Anyway, here's a breakdown of my recent button-down acquisitions: 
1. Comme des Garcons button-down with a scarf that can be transformed into a bow; 
2. Comme des Garcons  button-down with cinchable strings on the waist;
3. Yohji Yamamoto oversized long-sleeves
4. Yohji Yamamoto oversized long-sleeves with wired collar
5. Yohji Yamamoto super couture button-down
Indeed, it's all in the details. I have never been a big fan of flamboyant Harajuku fashion. Perhaps I'm too old for that now that's why I somehow gravitate towards more wearable investment pieces lately. Yes, I'm trying to avoid those trendy pieces and stick with pieces that can last several seasons. And these shirts are just perfect for me. Of course, the last shirt is for special occasions where I can loosen up a little bit, kick back and relax. And channel the little party animal in me! I call it my "binyag" (Christening in English) shirt. Just because it looks like something an adorable baby would wear when getting admitted to Christianity. I hope I didn't sound sacrilegious. Anyway, here are some snaps of my recent wardrobe additions.
Comme des Garcons / Comme des Garcons / Yohji Yamamoto / Yohji Yamamoto / Yohji Yamamoto

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  1. wow~ so beautiful button-downs! i really love the cdg with bow scarf. <333


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