I'm a huge fan of Scandinavian fashion. No wonder for the past two summers I have included Copenhagen Fashion Week in my annual Euro trip. During that period, I had the opportunity to immerse myself with Scandinavia's established designers and emerging talents. Known for minimalism, Scandinavian fashion has greatly influenced my aesthetic. So indeed, it is a great pleasure for me to introduce Bodil Christine Reumert's Le Neu Black, an online concept store that showcases an eclectic mix of Scandinavian fashion designers. Christine and I met briefly in Copenhagen two years ago and managed to stay in touch. So when she told me the news about Le Neu Black I knew I just had to feature it on my blog since I adore Danish designers. 

Anyway, after a series of endless emails with Christine I finally got a chance to put this article all together. Here's the real scoop behind this awesome new online store.
1. Tell us about Le Neu Black. 
Le Neu Black is a new online store based in Copenhagen that has just been launched offering high quality items designed with dedication by visionary designers. We love it when fashion is bold, functional, intelligent, and individual at the same time. Style is to inspire, motivate and express personal style and aesthetics. We have carefully selected designers and handpicked clothing, sustainable underwear, soft leather bags, handmade jewelry from the finest materials, and delicate organic beauty products. 

2. What makes it different from any other online stores out there? 
We have created a unique concept based on Scandinavian and Danish fashion. Our selection is mainly fashion pieces that are either sustainable or created as a response to excessive consumption. Le Neu Black is a niche store where each item has been selected based on our own individual style and what we love ourselves. Our inspiration is minimalism, the contrast between the masculine and feminine, and streetwear. Also, we present designers who dare to stand out from the crowd. 

3. Le Neu Black is based in Copenhagen. Can you briefly describe Danish fashion? 
Danish fashion is refined and understated in a very chic way. It is minimalistic, individualistic, and often functional with simple silhouettes. Less is more with cool, clean cuts that blend together with looks that are edgy, raw and bold. Denmark has a long design history that has truly inspired our fashion evolution. Also, many Danish fashion designers are very focused on the art of fashion. I believe that the new tendency right now is more visionary and avant-garde fashion that is actually art. 

4. Which labels are you currently stocking? Are there any new ones we should be expecting next year? 
Le Neu Black presents Silverblack, Vibe Johansson, Lind & James, Graae Hovind Guld, Whiite, Underprotection, Rudolph Care, MaxJenny and Jørnsen. And we are excited about the new designers and brands that will join us in 2013. But we cannot reveal anything yet…5. How do you choose the labels or brands you stock at your online store? 
We personalize the store by choosing each designer and brand with consideration that also expresses our own individual style. We collaborate with designers who we think are interesting and inspiring and who have something extraordinary to offer. A coherent visual expression and brand is one of the important criterions! Also, we love to work with designers and brands who we can relate to and who share some of the same values as Le Neu Black. 

6. What sets Danish designers apart from other Scandinavian designers? 
I believe we have a lot in common, and the Scandinavian countries are mutually influenced by each other when it comes to fashion, architecture, furniture design, food and other cultural aspects. I see that especially between Sweden and Denmark. It has been like this for decades. What sets us apart is therefore a relevant and interesting question! I believe we share the same relaxed, laid-back coolness, minimalism and focus on simple silhouettes. But Danish designers are more playful, experimenting and arty in their visionary expressions. 

7. Several stores are collaborating with fashion designers, artists etc. It is becoming a very popular trend nowadays. Have you ever thought of going towards this direction? 
Definitely! We have many great ideas in our pipeline. We are planning to have collections designed exclusively to Le Neu Black and to collaborate with fashion bloggers, artist and other creative people. We believe in the network model and the power of word of mouth. 

8. What are the common problems you experience operating an online store? And how do you address it? 
Sure, there are challenges on the road. At the moment the greatest challenge we are facing is the workload and this is mostly due to our very high ambitions and perfectionism. 

9. Do you think blogs and social media sites such as facebook and twitter play an important role in the success of fashion-related endeavors? 
Yes! I think the impact of blogs and social media is increasing everyday. I am very inspired by the digital world, its possibilities and I am excited to see how it will develop in the coming years! At Le Neu Black we focus a lot on blogs and social media in general as it provides endless communication opportunities. 

10. What can we expect in the future for Le Neu Black? 
2013 will be a great year for us! You can expect a whole range of exciting news. We continuously launch new designers, arrivals, collections, and in the near future also the finest limited edition pieces designed exclusively to Le Neu Black. Also, we plan to expand our business model – so really anything can happen!

Le Neu Black is located in the heart of Copenhagen and launched in November 2012 with an exclusive selection of designers. The official launch is in January 2013 with the new coming collections. 

Visit the store here: www.leneublack.com
Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/leneublack

CEO & Co-founder at Le Neu Black, Bodil Christine Reumert has a Master in Management of Innovation & Business Development, and has been working in creative businesses in the music industry and then with fashion and lifestyle at a Copenhagen-based PR agency where she worked at the Copenhagen Fashion Week. Later she has been External Consultant and PR & Marketing Director for a fashion company before she chose to follow her dream and start up Le Neu Black.

Super excited with this online store. I have a feeling I will be visiting their site quite often. And yes that Vibe Johansson coat is pretty sick! So guys better start saving up now before it becomes available on Le Neu Black very soon! And congratulations to my friend Christine for this awesome new project!

Photos courtesy of Le Neu Black featuring Vibe Johansson's Spring Summer 2013 Collection

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