Been saving this pristine Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme "couture" white button-down shirt for a very special occasion. And of course I just had to wear it today since it's my QuinceaƱera (kindly consult google for reference). Too bad it was sizzling hot today so I had to change into something more weather-friendly after this obligatory photo-op! While my brother was patiently taking photos, random passersby couldn't help but wonder what the hell we were doing and probably what the fuck I was wearing. Like I care right? But I have to say the looks on their faces were pretty priceless! I'm surprised that up to now people here in our village haven't gotten used to both my and my Mom's eccentric and unconventional ensembles. Just sayin'...
Anyway, I've had this shirt for over a month now. Unfortunately, I haven't really played much with it. I'm sure there are gazillion other ways of wearing it. Frankly, I prefer wearing it like how I did today. Just plain and simple. No whistles and bells. As of the moment, I'm totally obsessed with this shirt. In fact, it's my favorite button-down in my closet. Isn't it the perfect garb for baptism or something? 
Top - Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme "couture" button-down / Bottom - V Ave Shoe Repair twisted trousers
Footwear - Damir Doma mandals