The lovely Barbara Bologna gave me an exclusive sneak preview of her latest collection entitled "ATELOPHOBIA - Narcissist of Cannibalism". The powerful and haunting images captured by the multi-talented Bologna and Gautier Pelligrin absolutely left me breathless! So far, I'm seeing some pretty sweet noir and bordeaux color combo, some dark olive greens, some exotic fur and goat hair, some enticing sheer and some elaborate knitwork and of course some obligatory leatherware. I'm just dying to see the entire set! Hopefully, there are more menswear looks!

"I saw a woman eating another being, in the most total perfection. ATELOPHOBIA's aversion to imperfection. I find it fascinating how a phobia can become a narcissism toward something, and bring perfection to cannibalism, act completely rude and imperfect, has forced me to see more deeply, trying to figure out where it might be this connection. I saw exactly where this connection is alive, it lies in uniting seemingly opposite elements thus creating a "personal" perfection. Creating a medicine for phobia. "
- Barbara Bologna

Enjoy these breathtakingly beautiful images fresh from Barbara's computer.. 
Photography: Gautier Pellegrin & Barbara Bologna / Styling: Barbara Bologna
Modeling: Esther Mathis

Stay tuned for my exclusive interview with Barbara Bologna! It's hard to believe but there's nothing this modern day renaissance woman simply could not do. 

All photos courtesy of Area di Barbara Bologna
For more info about Area di Barbara Bologna check out www.lab-area.com

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  1. Unique theme! I can seldom encounter a death theme for a fashion show.


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